Trycut - Price List
Code   Size in mm * Price   Code   Size in mm * Price
T100 Roughcast bulk Kg 16.00   T759 Bar 25 dia x 250 mm 3.80
T711 Block 90x40x150 mm 9.95   T760 Bar 25 dia x 500 mm 7.60
T712 Block 90x40x300 mm 19.90   T761 Bar 35 dia x 250 mm 4.90
T714 Block 90x90x150 mm 22.40   T764 Bar 35 dia x 500 mm 9.75
T716 Block 90x90x300 mm 44.80   T765 Bar 45 dia x 250 mm 8.00
T729 Plate 55x300x150 mm 45.50   T766 Bar 45 dia x 500 mm 16.00
T730 Plate 55x100x100 mm 10.10   T773 Bar 55 dia x 250 mm 11.60
T731 Plate 55x200x200 mm 40.50   T774 Bar 55 dia x 500 mm 23.20
T732 Plate 55x100x250 mm 25.30   T775 Bar 70 dia x 250 mm 19.50
T733 Plate 55x300x300 mm 91.00   T776 Bar 70 dia x 400 mm 31.15
T734 Plate 110x200x200 mm 81.00   T777 Bar 80 dia x 250  mm 25.40
T735 Plate 110x150x150 mm 45.50   T778 Bar 80 dia x 500 mm 50.80
T736 Plate 110x300x300 mm 180.00   T784 Barset(5) 25-80dia x150 mm 35.00
T737 Plate 110x300x250 mm 151.00   T790 Bar 80 dia x 50 mm 5.25
T738 Block 110x150x100 mm 30.40   T791 Bar 80 dia x 100 mm 10.00
T740 Bblock 300x200x165 mm 182.00   T819 Block 15x70x70 mm 1.65
T741 Bblock 150x150x165 mm 68.00   T820 Block 75x60x40 mm 3.15
        T821 Block 125x75x40 mm 6.55
        T830 Block 60x50x75 mm 3.95
        T831 Block 75x50x125 mm 8.20
        T835 Block 170x50x100 mm 19.40
        T836 Block 170x30x100 mm 11.70

TRYCUT-easy cutting machinable plastic / wax

Trycut - our specially developed easy cutting plastic / wax for machining applications

Trycut can be glued, cut, drilled, milled, threaded, turned and it can be recycled.



















       * All sizes are nominal and may vary slightly


Special size blocks, plate, bars and cast strips can be manufactured to suit customer requirements.

Delivery is ex stock, subject to prior sale. The cost of delivery is not included in the above prices. The prices do not include VAT.

There is no minimum order. Orders can be phoned, mailed, e-mailed or faxed.

Payment For first orders, payment by cheque / money transfer with order is required.

Customers in the euro-zone are welcome to pay in euros through our euro bank account. Details will be given on ordering.

Download a price list in PDF format for printing.






Trycut is manufactured and supplied by Tekwani Applications Ltd


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